Naturopathic medicine and Registered psychotherapy are covered by most employee health benefits insurance packages, but are not currently covered by OHIP.

We recommend that you check with your employer or insurance provider to determine your level of coverage.

Fee Schedule:

1 hour appointment – $200

½ hour appointment – $100

*Psychotherapy appointments require an additional 13% HST. Naturopathic medical appointments are tax-free.

Laboratory tests are available and may be used, if necessary, to further investigate your health concerns.

To obtain a naturopathic medical credential (ND) that qualifies the recipient to write licensing examinations students must have the following:

Prerequisites including a minimum of three years of pre-medical sciences at University. Prerequisite courses: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, introductory psychology and humanities.

Successfully complete a 4-year-full time program in an accredited school of naturopathic medicine that includes more than 4,500 hours of classroom training and 1,500 hours of supervised clinical experience.

Pass NPLEX board exams that are written after the 2nd year and 4th year of study. NPLEX is the standard examination used by all licensing jurisdictions for Naturopathic doctors in North America.

Meet the Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits as required by the provincial regulatory boards on an ongoing basis.

Areas of Training: Naturopathic Doctors undergo training similar to medical doctors in addition to training in the naturopathic disciplines. The four areas of training in the four year, full-time naturopathic medicine curriculum are:

  • Life Sciences – anatomy, physiology, histology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology and pathology.
  • Clinical Disciplines – physical and clinical diagnosis, differential and laboratory diagnosis and naturopathic assessment.
  • Naturopathic Disciplines – clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture,  hydrotherapy, and lifestyle counselling.
  • Clinical Experience – All students must complete 1,500 hours of clinical requirements and demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of Naturopathic Medicine prior to graduation.

We prescribe natural medicines including herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. If prescription medications are required, we work in partnership with your medical doctor who can prescribe drugs. The added benefit is that we are specially trained to understand the interactions between drugs and natural therapies.

Yes. Because natural medicines can be so effective, it is important that you understand how they may interact with other prescription medications you are taking. Naturopathic doctors are specially trained in understanding these interactions and prescribe complimentary natural treatments appropriately.

No. Naturopathic doctors are primary health care providers. Feel free to contact our office and book an appointment as soon as a health concern arises.

Yes. In fact, we encourage collaboration with conventional medical doctors. We are also trained to refer patients to other health care practitioners, where appropriate. Health is a complex issue and therefore warrants different approaches in some situations.

Naturopathic doctors are licensed and regulated in treating patients using clinical nutrition, physical medicine, acupuncture, botanical medicine and lifestyle counselling. Homeopaths, on the other hand, are trained to practice in one discipline – homeopathy.