As a Registered Psychotherapist and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Amanda Guthrie practices with a patient-focused approach where listening and caring are her top priorities. She understands that reaching optimal health is done by addressing the mind, body and spirit.

With an understanding of your unique health concerns, Dr. Guthrie prescribes treatment that is personal, realistic and effective.

The philosophy of Dr. Guthrie’s practice is to help you reach your optimal state of wellness one step at a time. By providing you with individualized care, Dr. Guthrie guides you in making well-informed health choices so that maintaining optimal health becomes a lifestyle.

For more information about Dr. Guthrie’s approach, please see our About Us page.

Take charge of your health

– you’ll feel the benefits!

Naturopathic medicine and psychotherapy can bring more balanced wellness to you, regardless of which symptoms of illness you may be experiencing. Whether you’re currently suffering from a health condition or wish to prevent future illness, we can help you make a positive change. Our therapies are gentle, evidence-based, integrative and designed to support the body and mind.

Dr. Amanda Guthrie

Naturopathic Doctor #1509

Registered Psychotherapist #2472

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