Wellness Coaching

Most of us have an idea about how to lead a healthy lifestyle… In order to promote health and prevent illness we need to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and practice stress management techniques… But doing these wonderful things consistently is easier said than done!

In addition to the challenges of finding time for healthy routines, many of us feel too depleted, mentally and physically, to create a healthy way of life. Dr. Guthrie can help you take sustainable steps towards creating a healthier lifestyle; one that will empower you, energize you and help prevent chronic illness.

Imagine a Healthier Way of Life

Making lifestyle changes on our own, when we’re already feeling stressed, is challenging. Yet it’s during stressful times when we need healthy habits the most! As Dr. Guthrie helps you build healthy lifestyle routines, you’ll find new strength and resiliency to balance your stress.

Using Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dr. Guthrie begins by helping you envision your ideal healthy lifestyle.  She then works with you holistically, step by step in making the sustainable changes that are important to you.

Knowing you need to make a healthy lifestyle change is not the same as doing it!

Dr. Guthrie can help you:

  • Recognize your strengths and employ them to best serve your health
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Stay motivated by keeping you accountable
  • Gently challenge you to progressively move forward toward your goals
  • Work wisely with obstacles that get in your way
  • Problem solve if you fall back into unhealthy patterns
  • Feel supported in making the healthy changes that are important to you