Wellness after Cancer Treatment Program

Many cancer survivors feel relieved to be finished with their chemo, radiation, surgery or other treatments, yet aren’t sure how to proceed once their conventional treatment is over. Often there can be fear and anxiety about whether the cancer will come back and what to do next to support their health.

Naturopathic medicine can be effectively used to help you heal and regain wellness after cancer treatment. Here’s an overview of how we can help:

  1. Address Unresolved Side Effects from Treatment: Depending on the type of cancer treatment you’ve received, you may be experiencing ongoing side-effects such as fatigue, digestive upset, weakened immune system, nerve pain, swelling, hair loss, muscle weakness, depression, anemia or others. Natural medicines can be prescribed to address these concerns as you regain your health.
  1. Support the Immune System: To promote a strong immune system, Dr. Guthrie will provide you with a healthy nutrition plan, herbal medicines or nutritional supplements to support healthy blood counts and guide you in stress management and physical activity.
  1. Restore Energy: Many people feel exhausted after cancer treatment, as if all of their emotional and physical energy has been drained by getting through treatment. Naturopathic medicine can help you regain your energy by ensuring that you’re eating a healthy energy-promoting diet, helping you get adequate restful sleep, prescribing nutritional supplements to help your cells produce energy, providing energy-boosting acupuncture treatments and prescribing herbal medicines to reduce fatigue, nourish your body and promote a healthy stress response.
  1. Gentle Detoxification: Once you’ve regained strength after your cancer treatment it may be helpful to proceed with a gentle detoxification program to support liver function, reduce inflammation and improve well-being. A detoxification program should only be started once you’re on the road to recovery, well-nourished and in stable condition.
  1. Mental/Emotional Wellbeing: Dr. Guthrie helps you to improve your general sense of well-being by providing mental and emotional support. This may involve counselling or psychotherapy, mindfulness, seeking positive social support and re-engaging in social activities, work and family activities.
  1. Follow a Proactive Prevention Plan: Cancer patients are at a greater risk of recurrence and development of new cancers; therefore, it is important to investigate any new symptoms seriously and continue to monitor for recurrence with your oncologist. Dr. Guthrie will help you with a maintenance plan for healthy lifestyle to reduce risk of cancer recurrence.

*** Please note that this program provides care for cancer survivors who have completed their conventional cancer treatment. If you’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer, or are currently receiving conventional cancer treatment, Dr. Daniel Lander, ND, FABNO specializes in providing supportive and integrative natural treatments during this time to increase the effectiveness of your cancer treatment and help prevent side effects. For more information, please click here (www.danlandernd.com).