Naturopathic Mental Health Toronto

It’s normal to have changes in mood; in fact this is part of being human. Mood fluctuations can help inform us that something is missing in our lives and that we should consider changing things. But clinical depression is worse than simple fluctuations in mood.

If you’re feeling stuck in a low mood, it’s important to ask for help. Clinical depression varies from severe to mild (feeling generally miserable or unhappy without really knowing why). It is a very ‘real’ illness (not just ‘in your head’) and deserves good treatment.

What are the symptoms of depression?
What factors increase the risk of developing depression?
How is depression diagnosed?
What are the conventional treatments for depression?
What are the naturopathic treatments for depression?
Can conventional and naturopathic treatments be combined?
What lifestyle changes help depression?
How does psychotherapy help?
How does mindfulness help?

ALPS model for holistic depression treatment

ALPS Model for Holistic Depression Treatment: Jerome Sarris

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